Share your IBM Security knowledge with your social networks and beyond

Share your IBM Security knowledge with your social networks and beyond

You have knowledge, experience and technical skills with IBM Security solutions, but how do you share your expertise with your prospects and clients? In the past, you would get a paper certificate for completing an activity with a vendor and proudly display it on your cube or office wall—but how many people will see that in today’s digital world?

The world of credentials is changing, and IBM Security is leading the way

In order to help you share your expertise in this global and digital world, we are happy to annonce IBM Security Open Badges. Open Badges allow you to earn and digitally broadcast credentials for specific skills achieved with IBM Security.

More visibility for your accomplishments

You can now share your IBM Security achievements with your peers, prospects and clients—not just the ones visiting your office. With an Open Badge on your LinkedIn profile or in your email signature, people in your network can see the depth of your IBM Security expertise, and can even verify it if they wish.

The social media impact is huge. There are 2.8 million potential views for every 10,000 badges that are claimed. LinkedIn profiles with badges receive six times the number of profile views. Be more visible to those looking for IBM Security skills, and add value for your clients.

Our initial badging opportunities are with IBM Security QRadar® and BigFix®. We will continue to add badges this year—with other IBM security solutions and additional skill sets. Visit our badging page, and let us know how we can help you become an IBM Security Star. You can also give me your feedback by using the comments feature below.

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